Scott Yancey events – Provide real-life real estate training

July 22, 2018
Scott Yancey is one of the most successful real estate investors today. He rose to fame as a star of Flipping Vegas, an A&E real estate reality TV program. He and wife Amie search around Vegas for a run-down property, buy, renovate, and sell for profit. You can see more of their work here

Prior to becoming a popular TV personality, Scott was doing tons of real estate deals. His first real estate deal was when he was 14 years old. When he was in college, he was a runner of Walter J. Plumb, a lawyer, and a real estate investor. He learned a lot from it. In fact, Plumb has a great influence on Scott’s confidence in doing real estate deals.
As a way of giving back, Scott authored books and holds real estate events. It is his way of connecting to people who want to pursue a career in the real estate field but don’t know how, when, and where to start. Together with his team, Scott travels to cities across the United States to educate people on how to properly invest in the real estate. Scott is sharing a real-life experience and the strategies he used to become successful not only in the real estate business but in life as a whole. Scott’s areas of focus are residential real estate, commercial real estate, tax liens and tax deeds, and multiple income streams.

Should you wish to participate in one of his real estate events, then feel free to follow Scott Yancey on Facebook and other social media platforms. Do not miss the opportunity to be mentored by one of the most successful real estate investors today. Real estate can be your ticket to financial freedom only if you know how to do things right and Scott is there to help you.